Myles Granger

Role: Deputy Head (Pastoral)

School: King’s College Doha

Country: Qatar

Myles joined King’s College Doha in 2016 as part of the School’s founding team. He moved to Qatar with his wife and two girls, who both attend the school. Prior to joining King’s, Myles was a Head of Department at a preparatory school in the Cotswolds, where he had been for five years. The opportunity at King’s provided Myles with a chance to take on senior leadership responsibility within a start-up context.

Learn more about Myles’ experiences below.

What were you doing before you joined King’s College Doha?

Immediately before coming to King’s College Doha, I ran a busy and growing music department at Kitebrook Preparatory School in the Cotswolds. My decision to move overseas was one of timing. Having undertaken a 5-year international stint at the start of my teaching career, I always knew I wanted to return. Fortunately, my wife was keen, and we moved to Doha in 2016 with our two young children. We haven’t looked back!

What is your current role?

My role as Deputy Head – Pastoral and the School’s DSL is both an enormous privilege and responsibility. One significant task from the first day was to establish a safeguarding culture, not only within the school’s walls but within the wider community. As I become more heavily involved in this essential part of Child Protection, I constantly see the need to be vocal and do as much as possible to get everyone on board. Partnerships have been forged with local schools to raise awareness and push for tighter systems from ALL schools and not just us.

At King’s College Doha, we have a very tight Senior Leadership team which has helped to establish the School and its excellent reputation since opening. Our roles are clearly defined, and we are able to focus on what needs to be done. The amount we have all learned during this short, start-up has been phenomenal and one of my greatest joys is the unknown that each new day brings. Our parents are very understanding and are always keen to be invited in. They like to be listened to and I am confident that with the systems we now have in place, and the wonderful teachers, the parents need are being met.

How have you found working at King’s College Doha?

Professional challenges are in abundance when it comes to working in a new School from its opening! You learn very quickly what to prioritise. From the minute the children walked through the gates, we were able to focus on important things such as transparency, manners, being supportive and showing respect for each other.

Moving to Doha was a no-brainer, particularly knowing I had been handed an incredible opportunity. It was my chance to really make an impact and be a part of something very special. Two years on, my wife now works at King’s College, teaching EAL and Early Years Music, while studying for her iPGCE – it’s going to be a busy year! Our two daughters are in Year 2 and Reception and we have a solid routine established. Swimming is the highlight and we travel occasionally, making the most of living in a large space with friends around the corner. We have numerous visits from family throughout the year too. On arriving, we were made to feel very welcome, we have settled in and we are very happy in Doha.

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