Why Partner with EduReach

For a UK school, the three most challenging aspects of opening a new international school are

  • to have sufficient management bandwidth to run more than one school
  • to have an adequate degree of trust in your local partner
  • to build a team that has sufficient experience of translating your vision and ethos to a local market context within an international setting

EduReach mitigates all three of these risks.

EduReach provides a turn-key solution to open and then operate an international school. Our team includes former independent school Heads with a complete understanding of the standards expected within UK schools. When combined with our team’s experience setting up and running British curriculum international schools, we are uniquely placed to sensitively translate a UK school’s vision and ethos to a local market context.

Our approach is to forge a long-term relationship with the local partner and our preference is to invest our own capital into the school operating company. This enables us to act as the critical, trusted interface between the UK school and the local partner.