Risk and Reward

Establishing a sister school overseas can be an incredibly rewarding journey. There are, however, risks that UK school brands should consider when exploring an international strategy and making decisions about specific project opportunities.


  • an additional revenue stream for the UK school
  • cross-cultural learning through pupil exchanges and collaboration
  • exposure to world markets leading to increased UK admissions
  • improved global profile
  • teacher exchanges to support professional development and teacher retention


  • management distraction leading to dissatisfied parents and reputational damage
  • untrustworthy local partnerships
  • difficulty in replicating the UK school’s ethos
  • inability to adapt to local culture and preferences
  • reputation and brand dilution
  • financial exposure and control risks
  • geopolitical risks
  • security of tenure

The rewards can be enhanced and the risks can be minimized or removed altogether through robust planning and careful partner selection. Partnering with EduReach as the school operator assists in both of these areas.