UK School Partnership

British education is held in high regard around the world. In the UK schools have benefited from the enrollment of international students for many years. Today, however, as a result of growing demand for British-style international education within emerging economies, there is an exciting opportunity for UK schools to open sister campuses overseas.

The experience of UK brands that have already established overseas demonstrates that the process can be rewarding, both educationally and financially, but also risky. EduReach specializes in operating British international schools in partnership with UK school brands. Our team has a track record of success in translating the DNA of a UK school to fit within an international context. We also mitigate the key project risks that the UK school faces when committing to an international school campus.

There are different partnership options that UK schools can consider when setting up overseas – each carries a different risk profile and necessitates different levels of commitment.

Model Key Features
Pure Franchise Provision of the brand and some intellectual property
No operational responsibility, no financial commitment
Enhanced Franchise Provision of the brand, intellectual property and carefully defined operational input
No financial commitment
Management Agreement Provision of the brand, intellectual property and significant operational input
No financial commitment
Owner / Operator Full brand and operational responsibility
Financial commitment to the project

Most schools do not have the financial resource to consider the ownership option and are not willing to commit the level of staffing required for a management agreement. As such, variations on the franchise model are most common. With this option, trustworthy operating and property partners are critical to the success of the project.

EduReach is an experienced UK based partner that schools can rely on to deliver a project that aligns with their values and standards.

EduReach selects UK school partners very carefully. Experience shows that local parents appreciate the history behind a UK school – they quickly discern whether an international school is the genuine article or not. With this mind, we prefer to work with UK school partners that are interested in offering more than just their name. Our preferred partnership model is therefore an enhanced franchise.

For detail on how overall partnerships are structured between a UK school, an operating company and a property company please click here .