Ongoing Professional Development

The best teachers continuously improve and develop their teaching practice, leadership skills and subject knowledge. This is why all EduReach schools dedicate significant resource towards CPD for both our new and experienced teachers and leaders.

When joining the EduReach family, you become a part of a global community of educators with access to:

  • Headship qualifications
  • Middle and senior leadership courses
  • Subject specific training
  • Mentoring and peer learning
  • Online training opportunities
  • CPD visits to the UK brand school
  • Tailored INSET days
  • Academic conferences
  • Career guidance, support and advice
  • Intra-network collaboration

The EduReach network is growing rapidly and teachers who are successful are likely to experience rapid career progression within the group. Our HR team, with representatives in each school and our central UK office, is set up to assist school leaders and teachers with their career planning, helping them to access outstanding opportunities within our network.