EduReach schools deliver a British-international education, based on the curriculum of our selected brand partner. Our brand partner schools deliver a learning programme framed on the English National Curriculum, but enhanced by generations of outstanding practice, expertise and tradition. They combine an academic focus with a broad co-curriculum, offering all the pupils an extended and fulfilling school day. EduReach adapts our approach to fit with each international school’s local context.

Although each of our schools is unique, there are certain underlying features of our curriculum that are common to all our schools.

Personalised Learning – we ensure that our schools adopt a personalised approach to learning. Teachers are encouraged to plan their lessons to meet the individual needs of pupils; support is provided to teachers to help them achieve this.

Curriculum Breadth – like our brand partners, we deliver an enhanced curriculum that is broad and balanced, drawing upon centuries of tradition and expertise. Pupils benefit from a wide range of subjects, supplemented by a fulfilling co-curricular programme.

Co-Curriculum – our schools deliver an extensive co-curricular programme, providing pupils with the opportunity to develop vital life skills and interests though a comprehensive range of activities. We encourage all teachers to lead activities and ensure flexibility within timetables to accommodate this.

Subject Specialism – in line with the best practice of our brand partners, we introduce subject specialist teaching from an early age. In most instances, by Year 5 all lessons are taught by subject specialist teachers, ensuring high academic standards are maintained and pupils are well prepared for transition to secondary school.