EduReach has six operational school projects spread across Qatar, Thailand and China. In addition, we have a pipeline of projects that will expand our presence across the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the coming years.

Each of our school projects is different. We take great care to ensure that we adapt our approach to suit each school’s local market. It is essential that teaching and learning reflects the interests of local pupils, and that local ministry of education requirements are met. This said, our schools have certain key features in common.

Curriculum – our schools offer a British, international-style education based on the curriculum of the selected brand partner and sensitively translated to the school’s local context. Our brand partner schools deliver a learning programme framed on the National Curriculum for England but enhanced by generations of outstanding practice, expertise, and tradition.

Subject Specialism – in line with the best practice of our brand partners, we introduce subject specialist teaching at an earlier stage than most international schools. This ensures high academic standards are maintained and pupils are well prepared for the transition to secondary school.

Co-curriculum – while we emphasize the importance of the core academic curriculum, we believe that to provide the best possible all-round education and care for our pupils, our curriculum must deliver more. All of our schools deliver an extensive co-curricular programme, providing pupils with opportunities to develop vital life skills and interests.

Quality of Teaching – our curriculum is delivered by highly skilled teachers with UK-recognized training and qualifications, alongside first-class local language teachers. We engage our brand partners to deliver a rigorous induction programme and ensure all staff start with a shared understanding of the school’s ethos and values.

Pastoral Care – personalized care for pupils is central to each of our schools’ ethos. Our house, tutor and peer mentoring structures ensure every pupil has several lines of support available and feels part of a tight-knit community.