Why Partner with EduReach

For an investor, the three most challenging aspects of opening a premium international school are

  • finding a trusted partner that is willing to share in the project risk.
  • finding a project partner that has the expertise to manage all aspects of the pre-opening and ongoing operational elements of a school project.
  • ensuring that the school can clearly differentiate itself from local competition as soon as it is launched.

EduReach mitigates all three of these risks.

Not only will EduReach invest in the school operating company, but we also provide a turn-key solution to opening and managing an international school. Our team brings to the table all the skills required during the pre-opening and ongoing operational phases of a project.

In addition, our unique partnership access to a range of carefully selected UK school brands, ensures that the new school takes on a prestigious brand identity and immediately stands out within the local market. EduReach only work with school brands that:

  • are interested in building educational partnerships rather than in setting up a pure franchise.
  • will maintain a close relationship with their sister school – rather than simply lend it their name.