As many as thirty Independent Schools have now opened satellite schools overseas.

Growth in international education remains rapid and dramatic in Asia and the Middle East, with South America and Africa expected to show increased market activity over the coming decade.

In addition to raising the profile and prestige of a school internationally, these campuses can provide significant additional, low-risk income streams to assist with capital projects and bursaries. But success is not guaranteed. Meticulous planning is essential from the earliest stage.

For a UK Independent School, the two most challenging aspects of overseas expansion are:

  • Trust in your local partner
  • Domestic management bandwidth

EduReach mitigates the risk in both of these critical areas.

For an investor, the two most challenging aspects of opening a premium, branded international school are:

  • Finding and engaging with an appropriate UK Independent School that can support your project for the long term
  • Delivering a successful school with a sustainable future

EduReach provides a full set of services to enable a “premium-brand” UK Independent School to open and operate successfully overseas.